Thursday, March 1, 2018

Short on Time

It is 10:45...I am running short on time...

It's been a busy day. A full day of work. Picked up the kiddos at the library after Lego Club. Set up for Family Mindset Night at school. I felt nervous about my presentation. All went well. It was a great night. Sent the kids home with my husband. Stopped at my around-the-corner-friend's house for wine.

It's 10:48...I better write...I am bound and determined to WRITE. EVERY. DAY. DURING. MARCH. I want to complete this writing challenge. This is my fourth attempt. And while I have loved this opportunity to write...I haven't completed the challenge yet. This is the year.

So here I am...10:50...getting in my writing. It'll be better tomorrow. :-)


  1. Good luck for writing all 31 days this time! You can do it! 😊 ~JudyK

  2. This is the year! You got this! Also, what an awesome library you have to host a Lego Club. Stellar. :)