Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thoughts on Potty Training

A while back, my youngest child (almost 2 1/2) started showing signs of being potty-trained. She was ready long before I was. I mean, she is my last baby. Sigh. She was ready, and so, here we go. I checked the calendar for a clear weekend, picked one and started talking up how cool it is to go on the potty. 

The day arrived. As I expected, the first 2 1/2 days were rough. We had to start after naptime that time due to dentist appointments and an unexpected visit to the clinic for a rapid strep test for my oldest son. After her napped, I excited explained she would be going on the potty now! She chose some princess panties and she was ready to go. Shortly after that, I had to leave as I had plans to go to Costco with a friend from work to get supplies for Literacy Night. I turned the reigns over to my husband, made sure he had plenty of princess panties for her and off I went. It went as well as you could expect on the first day of potty training. She peed on everything! He sent me texts for every accident. She went through six pairs of panties in those 3 hours. One of last texts included, "This is hard." I giggled a little. I reassured him that this was the hardest part...he hadn't really experienced this part when we potty-trained our sons. By the end of the second day, just like with the boys, I started thinking, "This was a terrible idea. Maybe she isn't ready." And then, towards the end of that third day (just like her big brother), the idea of peeing on the potty started to click!! She started to figure it out! It was getting better! After 5 days of potty-training, she went the whole day without an accident!! Yes! Less laundry! She was getting there! Today we will be leaving the house and Amelia will be wearing underwear. No safety diaper. Extra clothes packed. I think she is ready. As far as me, well, fake it until you make it, right? 

More thoughts on my last baby another day. 


  1. Oh boy, I don't envy you this part of parenting. My potty training days ended many years ago. Good luck on the outing.

  2. I'm in the same boat. My youngest Megan will be 3 this month. She goes on the potty but not consistently and still prefers to poop in her pants. While I can't wait to dump the diapers, I'm also not worried it's taking so long....

  3. How did the outing go? This is definitely not the fun part of parenting, but it is nice not to have to buy diapers. Good luck!