Thursday, July 10, 2014

Play a Game

Parents often ask teachers that they can do at home over the summer to practice math.  My answer: play games. Board games and card games are WONDERFUL for practicing a variety of math skills. My preschool sons enjoy Go Fish to practice number identification.  You can also use Go Fish to practice the addition facts of ten.  Top It (War) is another card game to practice addition or multiplication.  See directions here. Concentration (Memory) is another game that can be easily adapted for many math skills including facts of ten or number identification.  Board games are fun and kids are practicing math without even thinking they are practicing math.  For younger children, games like Sorry!, Trouble, and Candy Land are great for counting practice.  For older children, games like Cribbage, Sequence, and Rummikub work on math skills and strategic thinking.  I have played Cribbage with students as young as third grade.  Add Game Night to your summer to-do list!