Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Recap of Today

I am watching an episode of Bones from last week.
Before that, I kissed the best parts of my day goodnight.
Before that, I read The Giving Tree and Noah's Ark to my sons.
Before that, I visited with a dear friend and her precious new born baby and remembered what it was like to hold my own newborn babies. They grow so fast.
Before that, I enjoyed a dinner of chicken fajitas with my family and watched as my toddler cleaned her plate. Three times.
Before that, I smiled from the inside out at the sound of my laughing children as I cooked dinner.
Before that, I pushed my kids on the best tire swing ever (built by my very handy husband).
Before that, I cheered on my almost-four-year-old as he improved his bike riding skills.
Before that, I worked out, which immediately made me feel better.
Before that, I arrived home from work, ready to start the second part of my day. :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Requests from the Back

"Mommy, can you play "No Way Out?""
From the backseat, I hear my oldest requesting "No Easy Way Out" from the Rocky soundtrack.
"Sure." I happily play one of the newest additions to my running playlist. Pretty soon I hear my younger son.
"Mommy, can I hear "Ghostbusters?"" This is one of his favorite songs right up there with "Baby, It's Cold Outside," which he STILL requests even though it is April and I have taken it off of my iPhone.  After that, we listen to "Uptown Funk" which my oldest LOVES.  

Just like I do, my kids go through phases of music.  They really like to hear some songs over and over and over again and then, eventually, they move on to something else.  Like every other preschooler in the world, my son requested "Let it Go" every time we were in the car ALL. SUMMER. LONG. During the Christmas season, Mason's requests were "Rudolph" and "Frosty" and Jack had two different versions of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" he enjoyed. My husband preferred the Willie Nelson version. 

They sing along with me from the backseat and I love that we can enjoy music together.  I love they have preferences and make requests...even if that means I have listened to "Ghostbusters" more than any one person really should. :-)