Friday, April 1, 2016

That is a Wrap wasn't pretty....but I finished. I completed the writing challenge. This is my last official Slice of Life for the month of March....a day late. Spring Break and a road trip across the country visiting family along the way made writing on time each day much more difficult than I anticipated...but that is okay. 31 days and 31 posts....just not one each day there at the end. Even though I didn't complete the challenge exactly the way I was supposed to, I completed it and it wasn't a failure. It wasn't a failure because I took my writer self off of the shelf, dusted it off and nurtured it. I am a writer again! I had the same feeling last year after this challenge. And then, I put that writer self back up on the shelf. If I take it down once a year, that is okay. I am comfortable with that in the season of life right now--the season of raising kids and supporting learners. That writer self will wait for me on that shelf. That's the joy of it.

I appreciate this opportunity and I admire this community of writers. I am better for having been a part of it.