Friday, March 3, 2017

What is Saving Me Right Now

A blog I follow and love, Modern Mrs. Darcy, monthly publishes a post entitled, "What is Saving My Life Right Now." I love these posts because sometimes the same things are saving me, and sometimes I get a new perspective. And, so, here is my list of what is saving me right now.

1. Nighttime Tea. Each evening, after the kids are tucked in to their beds, I make myself a cup of tea and settle under a blanket to finish off the day.
2. Peace and Calming Oil. After my tea, I put Peace and Calming in the diffuser and head to bed. I love how it smells and it calms me right to sleep.
3. Elliptical Time. Most mornings, I set the alarm for 5:30 and hop on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes. Honestly, some mornings working out is the LAST thing I do, but I feel so much better on the days I do it. Doing something healthy for myself in the quiet of early morning is the right way to start my day.
4. Date Night. My husband and I have date night tomorrow night. We used to try to get out for date night once a month...which turned into every other month and before I knew it, I couldn't remember the last time we had a date night. So, this winter, we are getting back to our once-a-month habit. Last month, it was WONDERFUL and relaxing to just be together without thinking about the million of things waiting to be done.
5. My Local Library. I love going there. It's like when Norm would arrive at Cheers and everyone would say, "Norm!" Except that it is a library. And there are books. And no one serves me beer. I love taking my children there and they feel at home. The librarians all know us. I can get just about any book I want there. We are SO LUCKY to have this library in our small town.
6. Fridays Off. I am absolutely and completely lucky to work four days a week. I will work four days a week as long as they let me. Yes, of course I still do work on my off days, but I have flexibility. I can spend time with my daughter who is not in school yet. I can run errands and get ahead on cleaning and laundry. Fridays off gives me the time to not feel like I am drowning.

These are some of the things that make me breathe a little easier and remember to relax and enjoy the scenery of life.


  1. This is a crazy time of year, isn't it? It seems like if we are not conscious in taking good care of ourselves, we'd be a puddle. Thank you for sharing what is saving you right now because I'm pretty sure there are some of us who could use some of your suggestions. :-)

  2. "Norm!" It's funny how, for people of a certain age, that word/name evokes so much (or maybe for anyone of any age, thanks to reruns!). Library = Cheers = priceless comparison :-)

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  5. One of my favorite podcasts has a "what's making me happy right now" feature every week, and it's my favorite part. A very clever post - thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love this structure! May have to try it myself soon. I love my library too!

  7. Love this structure! May have to try it myself soon. I love my library too!