Saturday, March 11, 2017

A New Kitty

We have been talking about getting a kitten. A few weeks ago, we took our kids to the Humane Society to look at potential kittens. Turns out, the ones we were looking at were no longer available. Try leaving the Humane Society with three children and no animal. They would have taken ANYTHING home at that point. "Mom, how about this one?!? Let's take this one home!!!" They were getting pretty desperate. We bribed them with pizza and the promise of a kitten someday soon when the right kitten becomes available.

Displaying IMG_1294.JPGThe right kitten found our family yesterday. I picked up my excited children from school and off we went to the Humane Society. My oldest, who is 7, kept saying, "I can't wait to get there!!" You could feel the energy and anticipation in the air. It filled me with joy knowing how excited they were.

When we got there, all three of the kids were all smiles. After we were able to play with her for all of 2 minutes, my oldest was sure she was the right fit for our family. He told me that at least eight times. I agreed. It has been a long time since I have had a kitten, and I had forgotten how darn playful they are. She was adorable racing around the room, playing with everything as though she had never seen toys before.

We brought her home with us, and it has been so fun seeing the kids interact with her and take care of her. They are fascinated with her. This is the first time they have had a kitten, so this is all new to them. It's fun to see them learn. They are gentle and responsive to both the new kitten and the dog, giving the dog lots of attention, too, so that she knows they still love her. I love seeing this nurturing side of my kids. Right now my son is rocking her like a baby. Swoon.

Now if we could just agree on a name...


  1. These are some of the most precious times in our lives! Savor it! The beginning of a journey together! Good luck!

  2. So fun, and you are right- cats need to pick their owner, not the other way around. Enjoy your new fur baby!

  3. Such a lovely family outing and a wonderful ending. Enjoy.