Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 1=Failure

Well...I have officially failed the writing challenge...on day one. I put it on my calendar. I was so excited! I have been thinking of writing topics. I included a check-off for blogging on in my bullet journal--which apparently I didn't look at yesterday because today after I got to school all psyched for Read Across America Day, I realized...I did not complete a Slice of Life post.Yep. Failed. At least last year when I failed it was the end of the month. Not this year. I could blame it on the snow or the drive to the vet IN the snow. Or making dinner. Or on the kids. I could always blame the kids. But honestly, I just forgot. Oh, well. Failure doesn't have to mean anything. It doesn't have to stop us. We can...and most definitely should...keep going. And so, here goes...this is my third year completing the Slice of Life challenge...and complete it I will. Failure or no I go.

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