Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Today and everyday I am thankful for waking up next to the best man I know and our three beautiful children sleeping down the hall. I am thankful for a warm and loving home we share and a job that leaves me fulfilled everyday. I am thankful for my health and the health of my family. I am thankful for being raised in a home full of love and for friends who make my world even brighter. I am thankful for experiences--good and bad--that have shaped me. 

Today I am also thankful for a three-year-old who got dressed this morning without any drama about wanting to wear a princess dress or, "I don't want you to do my hair!!!!" It was quite pleasant dressing her this morning. I am thankful for co-workers with great senses of humor who make me smile and laugh every day. I am thankful for the pumpkin pie my mother-in-law sent home with me today. I am thankful for dinner laughter with my family and story time with the five of us all snuggled in under the covers. 

Life is good. 

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  1. I miss the princess-hair phase. I miss the crazy mornings too, but now my daughter is 14 and bakes. I guess that is a good trade off.