Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read Across America Day

Today was a big day at our elementary school, as I am sure it was at your school, too. It was Read Across America Day. My kindergarten son excitedly wore his Cat in the Hat costume, complete with the hat. My 1st grader was excited about wearing his pajamas to school. I was excited to read Dr. Seuss books to excited, pajama-clad kiddos. I was also looking forward to the pie-throwing event at lunch. All kids who met the reading goal went into a drawing to have the chance to throw a pie at the principal. It went even better than I could have hoped. I was a little nervous. It went so well. The kids chanted each others' names. Everyone was happy...even my whipped-cream covered principal. He was such a great sport. Best. Principal. Ever. The kids loved it. 

It is days and moments like this that make all of those less-than-stellar moments worth it. Those smiles. Knowing memories are made. Having a 4th grader say, "Best lunch ever!!" Seeing the excitement. Honestly, our students won't remember us because of the work sheet on possessive pronouns we gave them. No. They will remember the way we made them feel. They will remember the memories and the laughter. They will remember throwing a pie at their principal. 

Overall, Read Across America Day was a success. So much reading was done today and there was so much joy. I was able to share Dr. Seuss trivia, jokes and activities with my students. We had community readers come and read to our students, including one of our town librarians and the police chief. I got to read If I Ran the Circus to my son's class. I am so blessed to be able to teach in the same school where my children go. It was a good day. 

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  1. I love Read Across America Day! Last year, I got to be a volunteer and reader in my son's kindergarten class, and it was so much fun. This year, the first grade teachers did not have families join in, but we are just about to snuggle up with one last Dr. Seuss book before bedtime.